Business Divisions
With our transformational projects and businesses in various sectors, Bethsaida Development Africa continues to grow its vision of becoming the leading provider of essential needs in Africa.

Competence you can count on.

BADP has helped shaped dreams to realities. We have managed assets in investment banking and raised capital for individuals and corporate entities for more than  a decade.

Business Divisions

Bethsaida Investment Group Limited

Through a diversified multi asset class approach, BIGL specializes in constructing investment portfolios in accordance with pre-agreed risk-reward criteria. This guides the product development process.

Our investment banking business provides services in structuring, modelling and valuation and capital market securities.

BIGL plays a critical role in the full cycle of investment collation, consolidation, reconciliation and management of portfolios. Considering that technical analysis remains a valid component of our decision-making process, required to ensure long-term returns, we utilize a proprietary factor model which identifies securities by ranking them based on several key factors. These include fundamentals, technical performance, as well as other qualitative factors such as management pedigree and government policy.

We have a collaborative culture that is built around teams that allows us to provide the best solutions to problems our clients face and to lead innovations in our market place.

  • Bethsaida Investment Partners Limited
  • Bethsaida Homes Mortgage Limited
  • Bethsaida Corporate Realty Limited

Bethsaida Micro Investment Group

The company’s operations and business philosophy are based on the cardinal principles of Customer Focus, Customer Service and Total Quality Management.

We are resolute in our desire to change the landscape of micro-insurance, micro-credit and micro-capital for the benefit of the public. Pursuant to this objective, we apply a robust and functional technology to deliver innovative products and services.  With our core values in focus, we strive without fail to provide our customers with the best services, benchmarking our offerings against the industry’s best standard.

Bethsaida Micro – Investment Group is headquartered in Dugbe, Ibadan with operations all over Nigeria. Her subsidiaries include:

  • Bethsaida Micro Capital Limited
  • Bethsaida Retail & Supply Limited
  • Bethsaida Property Investment Limited
  • Bethsaida Manufacturing Limited

Hartfield Group of Companies

Hartfield Group is a high performing Group of Companies duly registered and driven to ensure customers satisfaction with reliable products and services while creating value for stakeholders.

A member of Bethsaida Africa Development PLC with six subsidiaries cutting across Investment (wealth management), Real Estate Development. 

Hartfield Group is headquartered in the Federal Capital Territory, with operations all over Nigeria. Her subsidiaries include:

  • Hartfield Investment Limited
  • Hartfield Energy & Allied Services Limited
  • Hartfield General Residences Limited
  • Hartfield Contracting Limited

Bethsaida Group of Companies

At Bethsaida group of companies, we pride ourselves in the fact that we go the extra mile to satisfy our customers.

We are highly resourced with a pool of resilient, innovative and dynamic people who deliver excellence, value and great experience to our teaming customers.

Our experience and deep knowledge of our trades have distinguished us in the marketplace and made us gain the trust of the market. We are leaders in every sector we belong, bringing delight and solution in our various business areas.

Bethsaida group of Companies headquarter is at Ikeja, Lagos with operations all over Nigeria.

Bethsaida Group of Companies

  • Bethsaida Real Estate Limited
  • Bethsaida Power Systems Limited
  • Bethsaida Energy Resources Limited
  • Bethsaida Global Project Limited

Bethsaida Insurance Group Limited

  • Bethsaida Insurance Brokers Limited
  • Bethsaida Care Solutions Limited
  • Bethsaida Micro Insurance Limited
  • Bethsaida Assured Limited