We go to great lengths to source, attract, recruit, develop and retain the best talents. Wherever they may be.

The Bethsaida Person

We are always on the lookout for unique individuals with remarkable skill sets who are enthusiastic about making a difference in Africa and are committed to being a part of the new African story.

Why Work with us?

We are building a team consisting of the best minds from all over the work doing their best work to bring about this outcome. We have created an environment where staff members are valued, empowered, and can thrive both professionally and personally.

Bethsaida strives to be among the top-tier industry competitor in terms of compensation, in each country it operates in. We understand the powerful impact of rewards can have in motivating role-model employees and teams, and thus strive to provide monetary and non-monetary rewards accordingly.

Where do you fit?

Whatever level you are at in your career, we offer plenty of opportunities to build a rewarding career at Bethsaida. Are you an Experienced Professional or interested in our Graduate Trainee Program & Internship? Send your cv to, or click on the button below to view available opening(s).


We believe in the total well-being of our employees, and have a comprehensive and well-rounded compensation philosophy implementing our core values. Our baseline package is very competitive, including comprehensive family health plans from Bethsaida Healthcare Solution, life insurance and paid leave, as well as competitive salaries.

People and Culture

At Bethsaida, we take our corporate culture very seriously and take proactive steps to enshrine it in the hearts of our employees. Our culture is defined by our core values.
Enterprise, Excellence and Execution